Bird & Garden Supplies

In Attracting Birds to South Florida Gardens, we provide some very specific advice on what we consider the most appropriate supplies and materials for attracting birds. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that it is not always easy to find these bird gardening supplies in South Florida; perhaps that will change as demand increases. For now, however, these items can readily be purchased online. This Bird & Garden Supplies page is meant to help by linking specifically to the bird gardening (and bird watching) equipment and supplies we recommend. Descriptions and explanations of these items can be found in the book. The links here are offered in affiliation with online merchants, through I hope it helps!

Nest Boxes

Eastern Screech Owl Nest Box Woodpecker Nest Box Carolina Wren House Bluebird House
Starling Resistant Purple Martin House – 2 stories, 8 rooms Starling Resistant Purple Martin House – 3 stories, 12 rooms Starling Resistant Purple Martin House – 3 stories, 6 suites Purple Martin House Telescoping Pole, 15′
Purple Martin House Mounting Plate

Bird Feeders

Black Oil Sunflower Seed Feeder Caged Tube Seed Feeder, for White Millet Tray Feeder with Legs for Ground Use Hanging Tray Feeder
Hummingbird Feeder, 8 oz Suet Feeder

Bird Food

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, 10 lbs Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, 50 lbs
White Millet, 10 lbs
White Millet, 20 lbs
White Millet, 50 lbs Live Mealworms, 1000 ct Freeze Dried Mealworms, ½ lb Freeze Dried Mealworms, 2.5 lbs
Heat Resistant, Hot Pepper Suet – 1 cake Heat Resistant, Hot Pepper Suet – 6 cakes

Bird Watching

Leica Ultravid 8×32 HD Binoculars (Black) 40290
Leica Binocular 8×42 Trinovid Binocular

Bushnell Imageview 15-45x70mm 5MP Camera Spotting Scope

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60 x80 (45 degree) Spotting Scope

The Sibley Guide to Birds, Second Edition

Sibley’s Birding Basics
National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, Sixth Edition American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Florida (American Birding Association State Field)

Birding Florida: Over 200 Prime Birding Sites At 54 Locations (Birding Series)

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